Hog Roast Stroud Turns Up The Heat At An Engagement Bash!

Hog Roast CotswoldMatt and Jessica’s recent engagement set off a wave of excitement among their loved ones, prompting Matt’s parents, the ever-enthusiastic Carol and Edward, to throw them an epic engagement party! With their spacious garden as the backdrop, they were ready to host a bash to remember for 50 of their nearest and dearest.

But with the weather playing tricks lately, Carol and Edward weren’t taking any chances! They decided to jazz up the affair with a rented marquee, decking it out with twinkling lights and cascading floral garlands. Talk about setting the mood! But as we all know by now, no party is complete without some lip-smacking grub! Carol wanted to kick things up a notch from the usual party fare, but she didn’t want to lose the laid-back vibe. That’s when the genius idea of a BBQ popped into her head. And who better to fire up the grill than the masters at Hog Roast Stroud ?

When Carol reached out to us, our team of grill gurus jumped at the chance to sizzle up a storm. Our Gourmet BBQ Menu was just the ticket, bursting with flavour and variety to please every palate.On the big day, Hog Roast Stroud rolled up to the party pad bright and early, armed with our trusty grill and a heap of mouth-watering meats. Handmade beef burger patties, gourmet sausages, chicken skewers, and marinated spareribs were slow-cooked to perfection, filling the air with tempting aromas that set stomachs rumbling.But hold onto your napkins, because we weren’t stopping there! Our culinary wizards whipped up meat-free alternatives and delectable sides faster than you could say “BBQ.” Wooden skewers piled high with veggies and Greek halloumi cheese, veggie burgers bursting with flavour, and pasta salad that was practically a work of art ensured everyone was catered to. As the guests began to arrive, they were greeted by the irresistible aroma wafting from the grill. After showering the happy couple with hugs and cheers, they wasted no time diving into the feast laid out before them.

Hog Roast CotswoldsThe atmosphere was electric, with laughter and laughter filling the air. And as the day drew to a close, it was clear that Hog Roast Stroud had hit it out of the park once again. With guests singing our praises, we knew this wouldn’t be the last time we’d be serving this fabulous family!