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If you would love to treat your guests to a great hog roast experience but you don’t want to hire a catering team to do it for you or you run your own catering business and you are looking to give hog roasting a go, we have the perfect solution or you. Not only do we offer superior onsite hog roast catering, we also have a machine hire service that is very popular with professional caterers and amateur chefs alike.

Here at Hog Roast Tewkesbury, you will find the most advanced hog roast catering equipment available on the market, with machines that vary in form and function, enabling us to provide the optimum piece of kit for the specific requirements of each client who hires a hog roast machine from us.

Hog Roast Tewkesbury Machine Hire For Professional Caterers

Hiring a hog roast machine from us is a popular option for clients who are already professional caterers in some capacity and who are considering investing in their own hog roast machine but want to give it go themselves first. We appreciate that purchasing your own hog roast machine is a big step, which is why we are happy to provide a try before you buy option on a short-term hire or long-term let so you can get a feel for the equipment yourself before making a decision and experience first-hand just how advanced our hog roast machines really are.

We have models that are very popular for commercial use, offering a vast capacity that can cook up to two whole hogs in one go, along with a range of difference attachment and features that will enable you to diversify your catering. If required, you can opt for a BBQ attachment for example, or hire a machine that enables you to cook a high volume of hot side dishes as the same time too, such as jacket potatoes and vegetable skewers, as well as other meats and whole roasted rotisserie style chickens.

Whether you are a mobile caterer or looking to hire a hog roast machine for use in your hotel, restaurant, pub or other food or hospitality venue, we will match you with a machine that will optimise the catering that you can provide for your clients and give you a great catering experience from start to finish.

Machine Hire Options For Private Catering

Hog Roast CotsWolds
Hog Roast Cotswold
Hog Roast Cotswold
Hog Roast Cotswold

You don’t have to be a professional caterer to be able to treat your guests to a hog roast feast. We receive lots of requests from amateur chefs who are looking for an impressive DIY catering option for a party they are hosting. If you want to up your game when it comes to catering for your guests, but you perhaps don’t have much catering experience, one of our reliable and user-friendly machines will help you to achieve succulent and flavoursome results and a centrepiece for your party that certainly has the wow factor for your guests.

We have more compact machines available for hire which are ideal from smaller gatherings, garden parties, family birthdays, anniversaries, themed parties and festive celebrations. Whatever type of outdoor catering you have in mind and regardless of your level of catering experience, hiring one of our versatile hog roast machines will help you to achieve all of your event catering goals and enable you to provide a great feast for your guests, without all of the usual stress and hassle of doing our own catering.

Tailored Hire Packages Available

Whether you are a professional caterer looking to extend your repertoire by investing in a versatile new piece of catering equipment, or you simply want to provide an impressive outdoor spread for your guests at a private party, we will ensure that the machine you hire from us is perfect for your individual requirements.

Hog Roast Tewkesbury will make the entire process completely hassle-free for you. Our expert team will identify the ideal machine for you, and we will deliver it to your venue for you. When we get there, you will benefit from our extensive hog roast catering tips, and we won’t leave until we know that you feel completely happy about using the machine yourself. When you have finished with your hog roast machine, we will be come back to collect it and we won’t even ask you to clean it – we will take care of that for you as well. We will supply everything you need to be able to prepare your own hog, including the gas canisters to power the machine, and if you would like us to, we can also supply a premium quality hog for you to cook if you are unsure about where to source the best meat from.

If you would like more information about our hog roast machine hire services, one of our hog roast specialists will be happy to help, so please drop us a line here a Hog Roast Tewkesbury to get the best machine hire package for your requirements.