Grab Your Beach Gear and Enjoy a Hog Roast Bath Summer Sizzler

Hog Roast CotswoldWith the school summer holidays just around the corner it is time to really start thinking about your summer plans with the kids. Even though June has got off to a slow start in terms of the summer weather, we have little doubt that those scorching days will be coming, and there will be nowhere better to be than down by the beach with the kids.

Well… nowhere better except perhaps one place… and that’s the beach with a Hog Roast Bath barbecue!

Yes, as the summer starts to heat up the best thing you could do is grab your summer sizzling menu with Hog Roast Bath today. Be it a hog roast, our gourmet barbecue, or our al fresco dining experience, we have the catered dining you need to last the holidays out in the sun. We’ve got hot deals for a hot summer, so come on in and find your menu today!

Thanks to the ingenious design of our mobile hog roasting machines, we can take our catering anywhere out on the road, even to the beach! Just imagine it: a day of sun bathing and splashing in the sea on a glorious summer’s day, and without even having to lift a finger you’ll also have a barbecue selection ready and waiting for you on account of your very own Hog Roast Bath chef flipping up the burgers and sausages all afternoon. Our mobile roasters easily convert to barbecues and grills and have the space to fit more than a few burgers, sausages, even ribs and a hog roast too, underneath, for the ultimate summer sizzler. You could organize a beach trip with all your friends and family and know that you’ll have more than enough rolls and burgers to go around for all!

Hog Roast CotswoldIt’s a great alternative option if you’re not going away on holiday this year, as we can bring the holiday to you instead with our food. You’ll save plenty on purchasing ours services instead of a flight away too as they come affordable and flexible to you, without losing out on quality. So, grab your beach towels, your swim suits, and get on down to the beach with Hog Roast Bath this summer!