Expert Corporate Catering Making Business Milestone Delicious With Hog Roast Upper-rissington

Hog Roast Upper-rissingtonAs an independent business, we at Hog Roast Upper-rissington can still remember those first few years when we were finding our feet and the elation we felt at each business milestone marker we met. Starting and running your own business is difficult, but it is hugely gratifying when all your hard work pays of and you start to reap the rewards.

Now, several decades on, we love when we see our other corporate partners making the same journey that we have been on. As a corporate caterer Hog Roast Upper-rissington regularly works with local, independent businesses to provide novel dining solutions to their events and business needs. Sometimes that comes in the form of helping them to launch brand new client projects, other times it is staff lunches once a month, or, in the case of this past week, it is to help them celebrate one of those brilliant aforementioned milestones.

Hog Roast Upper-rissingtonYes, this past week the Hog Roast Upper-rissington team were out at a scene that looked not too dissimilar to one of our own first offices all those years ago. A relatively new business client of ours has been making excellent steps in the last few years as their business has continued to grow and grow. Business owners Mark and Jade first called up Hog Roast Upper-rissington several years ago to help them with their official launch date for their business. Mark had tried our dining in a previous job and knew our reliability and loyalty as a corporate caterer. To mark the start of his and Jade’s own business, and to get in with a corporate caterer like Hog Roast Upper-rissington that could help further along the road, he called us up.

Several years on and we have been fortunate enough to join Mark and Jade a couple of times for various business events, but none as excellent as this one which marked their biggest milestone growth. 2024 is due to be an even bigger year for the husband-and-wife team, so they put together a little celebration for their staff of 12 to mark their gratitude and get ready for even better things to come soon.

We’ll be there for the next milestone, Mark and Jade. So you know where to call when the time comes!