Hog Roast Tewkesbury

Hog Roast TewkesburyChoosing a catering service isn’t the easiest of tasks when you have never seen the company in action, however, you can book Hog Roast Tewkesbury in confidence. We have 20 years of industry experience built up of a team of chefs, waiting staff and event’s organisers who are ready and waiting to transform you event and make it a lasting memory for both you and your guests.

Our hog roasts are certainly not to be missed. We use advanced cooking equipment to ensure the pig is cooked to absolute perfection every single time. In fact, the Hog Roast Tewkesbury team arrive at the venue 6 hours beforehand to get up and running and ensure that the spit-roasted pig is ready to be served to your guests at the desired time. This ensures you benefit from juicy meat with a crispy coating that’s sure to leave you wanting more – and why not? With our buffet spread complete with an array of tasty finger foods, you can help yourselves as many times as you like (providing you leave some for your guests, of course.)

Choose Your Catering Style – From Formal Dining To Casual Buffet in Tewkesbury

Hog Roast TewkesburyIf one thing’s for sure, no two events are ever the same. Formal events may feature a sit-down meal with a welcome drink and canapés upon arrival, while more laid-back occasions may be a help-yourself affair with light bites or hog rolls to tuck into while mingling with family and friends. What’s more, our equipment can also be set up either indoors or outdoors dependant on your choice of venue to achieve your desired atmosphere.

While we specialise in cooking hogs on the spit, we are fully aware that not all of your guests would choose it as their preference. There’s no need to worry as our broad range of menus cater for all diets, including the likes of vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free. If there happened to be any ingredients that are disliked or you’re allergic to, we’re happy to remove them or even replace them with a more suitable alternative.

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