Hog Roast Painswick

Hog Roast PainswickAdd a taste of brilliance to your next event in Painswick with the fine roast meat catering of Hog Roast Painswick. We’re a specialist event caterer dealing in the most exquisitely cooked fine food roasts and hog roasts guaranteed to add a touch of pizazz to your most special occasions in life.

Our dining is made to make stylish events. For us event dining should do exactly as it says in the labelling: make the dining experience into an event. That is why we have come to the hog roast as our prized specialisation as we believe its unique and spectacular style of cooking to be just the experience that an event demands. The traditional look of the hog roast would see a whole pig placed over a fire pit to roast on a spit for several hours, and while that set up isn’t quite feasible for the modern event, our mobile machine-made version of this roast is just as authentic and brilliant.

We have lovingly recreated the traditional hog roast for the modern event with our mobile spit roasting machine, allowing us to give events all of the spectacle of the authentic hog roast experience without the hassle. It makes for an incredible time at events as guests can see their roast being made fresh in front of them throughout the day, only to then be served fresh from the whole roasted pig too as our chefs expertly carve or even hand pull straight from our roaster. There is little else quite like it in dining and it will most assuredly put the event into your event dining!

Pain-free Dining In Painswick

Hog Roast PainswickOur specialist service comes with many additions and alternatives to allow you to create the Hog Roast Painswick event that you want. With buffet and set menu options customizable to fit your event’s style and tastes you can create a dining service that will satisfy all your wants, all while staying within a budget that is flexible to you as well. Our team are always on hand with expert recommendations to find you a taste combination that satisfies all palates and gives you the very best service that your event needs.

So, for the best in all of event dining you need only call Hog Roast Painswick today!