Hog Roast Malmesbury

Hog Roast MalmesburyIf you’re looking for stylish event dining for a special occasion in Malmesbury then you’ve come to the right place. Hog Roast Malmesbury is a specialist event caterer that marries stylish dining with professional service to create a unique and brilliant dining experience for all of your biggest and best events in the town of Malmesbury. Our specialist roast dining service has seen hundreds of events in the area enjoy a rare service that brings the best out of the day, giving guests not only a meal to enjoy, but a memorable experience to savour.

How is that the case? Well with the novel and traditional practice of proper hog roasting, of course. As our name suggests, Hog Roast Malmesbury specialises in the authentic culinary practice of what is known as hog or even spit roasting. This is the brilliant practice of slow roasting a whole pig on a spit for several hours, and then serving fresh from the spit too for the ultimate in fresh and unique dining experiences. Hog Roast Malmesbury has been able to condense the entire process into one easy to use and move unit for use on the road at events anywhere, at any time. For you, that means this superb service is available for every occasion you could think of in Malmesbury.

Weddings, corporate events for your business or industry, or any private event regardless of guest list size or indoor or outdoor location, it’s all open to our dining at Hog Roast Malmesbury!

Hog Roast MalmesburySpecialist Dining For Malmesbury

Guests come to Hog Roast Malmesbury for our specialist services. Beyond our hog roast you can find an assortment of all your other favourite roasts, or even roasts cooked in varying styles, or barbecue and grilled menus too. And of course it doesn’t all have to be about the roast. With many other freshly made mains and sides across many different menus to suit every taste you can dine your way with us. Our team will find you a service to suit your event and the menu for your cravings.

It’s easy to get started too. Just call Hog Roast Malmesbury now and get a free quote on your event today!