Hog Roast Kingham

Hog Roast KinghamFor the village of Kingham, we at Hog Roast Kingham have the very king of all hams with our incredible hog roast right just for your events around the village and through the Cotswolds. As our name might suggest Hog Roast Kingham specialises in an exquisite hog roast prepared and brilliantly cooked using the classic roasting methods of old – though with a modern twist! We’ve brought traditionality together with modern magnificence through our genuine spit roaster to ensure a premium level roast fit to truly liven up any event – and what’s more, we do so at an affordable pricing too!

With our hog roast we have created a dining and catering experience that lives up to the kingly moniker as you receive the spectacle of a dazzling culinary display and the most perfect tasting roast to match. While looking brilliant, the hog roast only gets better once you get to carving it up. For us, the rotisserie style of proper hog roasting ensures a perfect crispy texture laid evenly across the entirety of the pork skin, locking all the brilliant spicing and flavouring in its charring, while retaining too the tender juiciness of all the flavoursome meat inside our full hog. It has all that you could possibly want from an event dining experience, and it is available only with the team at Hog Roast Kingham today for your weddings, corporate events, and any private parties you may wish to host dining for in Kingham!

Bespoke Catering The Hog Roast Kingham Way

Hog Roast KinghamBespoke catering means to offer the customer a route to creating their very own event dining experience that works to their tastes and needs. At Hog Roast Kingham that means offering you an abundance of choice between our many incredible roasts, all made in similar exquisite styles to our namesake pork, and our accompaniment of fresh sides or other main options. That includes veggie and vegan menus, gourmet barbecues, tastes of the Mediterranean or the American South, and dining for indoor or outdoor occasions. It means having access to a buffet range or putting together a stylish set menu for a formal get together. With Hog Roast Kingham it means getting the very best dining service all for a price that works to your budget without stretching you.

So don’t hang around, call Hog Roast Kingham today!