Hog Roast Chipping Norton

Hog Roast Chipping NortonFor rustic events with a modern approach the team at Hog Roast Chipping Norton can deliver a stylish event dining experience through our unique and brilliant hog roast speciality. Events in Chipping Norton will never have looked nor tasted so good than when Hog Roast Chipping Norton fires up the hog roaster and gets to slow roasting a whole pig fresh on site at your event, giving guests and your event a dining experience quite like nothing else on the market.

Our speciality in authentic hog roasting has seen Hog Roast Chipping Norton become one of the most popular event caterers in Oxfordshire over the last few decades. Folks continue to come to us because they know that we can promise them quality in our dining and in our service. They come to us because they know that with Hog Roast Chipping Norton you really are getting an event for your dining. They come to us because our hog roast namesake is the most incredible way to enjoy any event.

Starting early in the day our veteran chefs will arrive to site and begin cooking our roast fresh at your event. This gives us the time to bring it to a perfect roast texture, and it gives your guests the opportunity to see a culinary style that tastes as good as it looks. The hog roast as we cook it in its authentic style is an unbelievable sight, putting a whole pig atop a spit to slowly turn for many hours, always browning and crisping right to a perfect texture while the meat inside intensifies in flavour and remains beautifully tender. If you think it looks incredible, then just wait until it gets expertly carved up by our chefs for your dining pleasure!

Hog Roast Chipping NortonBespoke Catering In Chipping Norton

Dining in style is easy with Hog Roast Chipping Norton. By calling our team you can have your pick of an assortment of expertly crafted menus and professionally designed services to suit the tastes and style of your event. Enjoy buffets, set-menus, barbecues, formal services and informal, all with a simple and warm call to the Hog Roast Chipping Norton team today.

We can’t wait to serve you soon!