Corporate Hospitality

Business lunches can be an integral part to any company. Whether it’s to close a lucrative deal, or to network with other local businesses, or just to let loose a little after a difficult week, every business needs a good supply of excellent food catering, and with Hog Roast Filton you can get precisely that! Working with local businesses in cooperative partnership is one of our favourite things to do, since we see it as an excellent two-way street – you help us out and we help you out all at once! Local business has to stick together, after all.

For your corporate hospitality we here at Hog Roast Filton can set you up with stylish dining in a manner that fits to your needs. If you’re looking to impress prospective clients, or if you’re looking for a little morale booster for your team then Hog Roast Filton is certainly the way to do it! Our special brand of hog roast catering makes for a stylish feast that is not only entirely novel and spectacular in its presentation, but also brilliant tasting too.