Hog Roast Tetbury

Hog Roast TetburyFor stylish dining that doesn’t break the bank you need the fine event catering works of Hog Roast Tetbury at your next event in Tetbury. Our speciality dining services are a must for any event worth its salt. That’s because with our unique hog roast your event benefits from a truly novel dining experience that not only tastes brilliant, but also looks magnificent too. Our hog roast has been a mainstay of our business for over 20 years, and it only gets better with every event we attend. From weddings to corporate functions, festivals, social clubs, anniversary dinners and more, Hog Roast Tetbury has made many an event sing with our impressive roast meats and barbecued foods. This is event dining as it should be enjoyed!

Why the hog roast of all things? Well for us it adds a touch of traditionality to the day, plus, the hog roast itself has long been a dish solely intended for large community style eating. Even back centuries ago the hog roast was popular for celebrations and village festivals, providing a touch of entertainment to the evening with its brilliant spectacle while also giving everyone an excellent meal to enjoy too! Our update on this classic dish is no different. Equipped with mobile spit roasting units that work by much the same principle as the old fire pit spit, your events benefit from the same spectacle and same great tastes! It is perfect for every event.

Unique Dining In Tetbury

Hog Roast TetburyAt Hog Roast Tetbury we’ve fashioned out our own little corner of the market to be one of the UK’s most unique and best in our sector. There are so many ways to dine with Hog Roast Tetbury and every way is assured to be of impressive quality. We love when our customers opt to try the hog roast cooking experience for themselves by hiring our equipment and asking for meat sourcing advice, but equally we love to get in front of the grill ourselves and really put on a show. By choosing Hog Roast Tetbury you’ll be well cared for with a variety of exceptional dishes, all for one affordable and flexible price.

So don’t miss your opportunity today, get calling Hog Roast Tetbury for the best event catering deal of your life!